Graduate Students Who Want to Teach

INTO students who receive an offer from a Mason department to become an International Graduate Teaching Assistant (IGTA) or Graduate Lecturer (GL) might be required to pass an oral English proficiency assessment administered by the Learning Resource Center.

If you were required to submit English proficiency examination scores as part of your application to Mason, you must take the Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) oral English assessment. If you're unsure about your status, check with the Admissions Office.

GTA oral English assessments are administered weekly in the Learning Resource Center. Candidates can reserve a time to take the English proficiency test through the WConLine scheduling system.

If you have not used the WConLine scheduling system before, choose "Click here to register" to create an account. Then, log in and select "LRC Programs and Assessments" in the drop-down menu. Under the "Graduate Teaching Assistant Oral Assessment" option, choose from any of the white blocks to reserve a testing time.

On the day of your assessment, bring your Mason ID and a copy of an official offer letter (paper or electronic) from your department; you cannot take the test without these items.

Try to arrive a few minutes early to complete your paperwork and begin your test on time.

Assessment Format

Candidates take the Classroom English Language and Teaching Demonstration (CELTD), in which you will be asked to deliver a 15-minute classroom lecture on a topic related to your proposed GTA assignment.

For example, you could provide:

  • A course overview and an explanation of class assignments.
  • An introductory lesson on basic course material.
  • An in-depth lesson on a key concept or term.

You will have typical classroom technology and equipment available (computer, projector, internet accessibility, whiteboard, markers) for use during your lecture.

The choice of topic is yours; however, your presentation should be basic and clear enough that a novice in your field (such as those scoring your test) can understand it. Feel free to use a presentation that you have previously delivered.

During and after your presentation, the evaluators will ask questions about the material you present.

We ask that you spend no more than one hour preparing for this presentation.


Your CELTD assessment will be recorded on video and scored by a qualified rater. Results will be sent to you and your department contact within 5 to 7 business days.

Candidates who do not fully pass the assessment and each subsection (pronunciation, grammar, and discourse competence) will be required to attend English language tutoring sessions in the LRC.

Contact LRC Coordinator, Kathy Rossell if you have questions or for more information.