U.S. Academic Culture and English Language Badge

How to Earn U.S. Academic Culture and English Language Badge?

Upon completion of coursework that will be part asynchronous and part synchronous online, earners of this badge will have learned and demonstrated the linguistic and academic cultural abilities to succeed in their graduate programs at George Mason University. They will be knowledgeable about formal presentation skills, class discussions, disciplinary awareness, choosing degree concentrations/electives, academic integrity, communicating with professors and advisors, and other similar topics.


  • Academic and Professional Communication
  • Academic Writing
  • Career Preparation and Success
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Professional Writing
  • U.S. Academic Culture Proficiency¬†

Earning Criteria

  • There will be two major projects to achieve this badge, one a final portfolio of smaller assignments.

  • There will be one course equivalent to two academic credits as part of this badge.

  • One of the major projects of this badge will be a portfolio of smaller assignments.

U.S. Academic Culture and English Language Badge